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Abuzer and I worked closely for over two years on several projects. The largest of these was giving a new print magazine an online presence — this involved significantly customizing a WordPress instance to meet the design, editorial and content management requirements of the magazine’s team; and included porting quarterly issues to Apple News. He is smart, conscientious, responsive and responsible. I could count on him — even when the situation became very demanding and hours stretched long into the night — to always deliver. His technical acumen is very strong. His problem solving is excellent. Plus, he’s personable, friendly and fun to work with.
Timothy Tobias Creative Director
We have been unsuccessfully sesrching for a special plug-in for our online store for quite some time. These guys made a custom plug-in to our wish in a very short time. Their constructive approach to the matter, consistency and professional execution convinced us. Thanks Greelogix!

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