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    WordPress power 30% of internet today. Out of box website and online store are breeze with wordpress.

    Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, intended for the development of web applications

    Magento is the most important leading, open source eCommerce platform in today's times Written in PHP.

    Mautic provides free and open source marketing automation software available to everyone.

    What to expect?

    Php has diverse eco-system, there are many tools, libraries and frameworks. Different project may require different set of tools and skill set, we can help you find the talent with skills your project require.
    • Selenium

    • Php Unit

    • Php Strome

    • X-debug

    • PhpSpec


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    Billed hourly, flexible way to get your
    work done, best suits research, proof of concept and maintenance projects.

    Dedicated Team OR Individual

    A dedicated resources is our most high demand service, largely because it put you in total control of the person working on our project.

    Per Project Pricing

    A typical example is a portfolio websites, open-source projects installations, or some feature development in your existing application.

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    Most frequent questions and answers


    Though the latest version of php is 7.02, our talent pool has developed and maintain products in all versions of php. For newer projects we  highly recommend  to go for the latest version of php


    Php is supported by a large community which has built some very useful frameworks. Some Popular frameworks are Laravel, Symphony, Cakephp, Code Ignitor, Yii, Slim, Zend. Beside these php frameworks some product teams prefer to create their own custom frameworks in Php.


    The short answer is Yes, Definitely. Some of the Top websites like Yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia & Facebook are examples of how robust php and it’s infrastructure is. However, always remember the quality of your application depends on how good it has been built. Choosing the right talent and building the right architecture matters.


    If we say php is built for MVP, it won’t be fully wrong. Some of the php’s framework like Laravel & cakephp are geared toward rapid prototyping. You can literally build a functioning web application within days then weeks, however, please discuss the pitfalls, scope and expectation of your MVP with your developer first to fully understand the limitation of the MVP.


    This question is frequently asked. In our experience, given php has got a large pool of freely available components, developing in php tends to become cost effective. Couple that with cost effective php hosting available. You do save bucks going php way

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    Php talent is ever more available then it was before, hiring the right talent has become a challenge. We help ease the process by not only finding you the right talent but over seeing the process to ensure there are no surprises for you.

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