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React Native talent is ever more available then it was before, hiring the right talent has become a challenge. We help ease the process by not only finding you the right talent but over seeing the process to ensure there are no surprises for you.

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    React Native App Development

    We cover a wide range of comprehensive development services for building your web and mobile applications. Our developers have extensive knowledge of ReactNative tools and wide industrial expertise to develop high end applications.

    React Native UI/UX Design and Development

    We harness the power of ReactNative library to create interactive, and creative UI/UX for real time user experience across various devices for your business apps. Our developers break down user interfaces into simple composable components that can be reused within the product.

    React Native Support & Maintenance

    We provide 24x7 continuous support and maintenance services for all our solutions through our dedicated experts. Get scalable, expert solutions to address each & every issue post-delivery of your project. We also do code reviews for existing projects and help refactor code to improve performance of the overall application.

    React Native Migration Services

    Our developers can help you migrate your old application to the latest version 0.60, and also use new features like Enhancements in Accessibility, Migration to AndroidX, Fresh Start Screen, CocoaPods by Default, Lean Core Project Extractions, and much more.

    What to expect?

    React Native has a diverse eco-system, there are many tools, libraries and frameworks. Different project may require different set of tools and skill set, we can help you find the talent with skills your project require.
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    Most frequent questions and answers

    What’s a react native?

    React Native is one of the most popular open-source frameworks for creating natively rendering iOS, Android, Web, and UWP multi-platform apps. It was released in 2015 by social giant Facebook and based on React (Facebook’s JavaScript library) for building UI. Using React Native, developers can build mobile apps that are identical to native apps based on Java or Objective-C.

    What’s the purpose of React Native? / Why build a react native?

    React Native’s main idea is to make the development of mobile apps easier, faster, and more agile. Now developers can build a well-performed app without having to understand languages that are used natively separately for iOS and Android, such as Objective-C / Swift or JavaScript / Kotlin. Moreover, developers can add native code segments when it’s necessary, that, in consequence, makes the app perform as a natively developed. This feature reduces the development cost, as well as save time in comparison with writing two different codes.

    What’s in a React Native? / Which components does it include?

    React Native combines two main threads: JavaScript and Native (or UI). Both of them are communicating using a bridge. This concept allows native functions to be called by JS code via a specific platform.

    For example, you want to create an element, let’s say button_1 that can be done via the React DOM. React Native passes the instruction to the native platform over a bridge, then calls JavaScript function to build a native button for Android and Objective-C – for iOS.

    What apps are built with React Native?

    When talking about Facebook as a React Native creator, it seems not surprising to mention that this biggest social network is using its components in own products. Their Ads Manager has become the first creation of the company written with React Native. Apart from this, tech and business giants such as Instagram (which belongs to Facebook too), Pinterest, Bloomberg, Uber Eats, Walmart, Tesla, Wix, and many others are using this framework to a greater or lesser extent in the app architecture.